‘Wilmington Proudly Welcomes Uber,' Draws Ire of Cabbies Hurt by Ridesharing

Wilmington taxi drivers are upset that Mayor Dennis P. Williams has erected billboards that welcome the ride-hailing service Uber.

The News Journal of Wilmington reports that the city's Office of Economic Development is spending $8,000 under a one-month contract for four billboards with the message, "Wilmington proudly welcomes UBER." The billboards also include a website address where residents can apply to become a driver for the service.

Taxi drivers say taxpayer money shouldn't be used to publicize a business that is undercutting them.

Officials for Uber and the state Division of Motor Vehicles last month reached an agreement to write guidelines for private car providers to operate legally in Delaware.

Williams' spokesman Alexandra Coppadge said in an email that the city hopes to continue attracting innovative businesses such as Uber.

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