‘U Got Munchies’ Truck Hit-&-Run Injures Student

Food Truck Hit and Run pic

A student-run food truck at Temple University was damaged and a student was injured in a hit-and-run Wednesday afternoon.

It happened on the 1300 block of Norris Street in North Philadelphia.

A student worker on the "U Got Munchies" truck was burned by oil that sloshed from a fryer when the vehicle was hit.

One of the partners that runs the food truck, Adam Zeserman, said he was taking an order and his friend Jim was inside cooking when a silver Nissan Ultima hit their truck.

The crash knocked the truck off its blocks and jostled everything insde.

The two students tried to stop the driver, but he sped off, according to Zeserman, so they called 9-1-1.

Zeserman said his friend will be OK. 

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