2 Teens Killed in Chesco Crash

A car crash in Chester County that claimed the lives of two Pottsgrove High School students Monday night started when an SUV packed with six teenagers veered off the road, according to East Coventry police.

Michael Cantamaglia,16, and Andrew Case, 17, were pronounced dead at the scene after being thrown from the car during the crash, investigators said.

According to police the accident happened around 8:45p.m. on Route 724 in near Sanatopa Road in East Coventry Township when a SUV carrying six teenage boys, crossed the eastbound lane, went up an embankment, rolled over and hit an oncoming car.

Case, who was in the back seat of the car, was described as a fun-loving child.

"He was just a beautiful child. He just loved life," said Case's father, Curtis.

The driver of the other car, Latasha Jones, 22, was taken to Reading Hospital for treatment. Also transported to the hospital were Dylan Kunrath, 17, Kyle Hilegas, 15 and Garrett Sterner, 16.

Pottsgrove High School was open Tuesday night with professional counselors available for anyone seeking help.

"They are in the library classroom and they are all just grieving, saying stories of how they remember each other. There is a lot of emotion in there," said one student from the high school.


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Police are still investigating the cause of the crash.

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