2 Amish Fined for Buggy Horse Abuse

Officer saw horses panting and swaying when they were tied up outside a Costco store in 99 degree weather

The second of two Amish people charged with animal cruelty for leaving their buggy horses tied up in a southeastern Pennsylvania parking lot on a hot day has been found guilty and fined $300.

The cases involving Paul Smucker and Linda Byler, both of Lancaster, sparked an outcry about animal abuse in an area populated by many Amish.

Smucker was fined after being found guilty Tuesday by a district judge. Byler had previously been fined $300 after pleading guilty in September.

Both were charged after an animal enforcement officer saw their horses panting, swaying and otherwise showing signs of heat problems when they were tied up outside a Costco store on July 21 when the temperature reached 99 degrees.

Costco has since built a horse shelter on its lot to prevent similar future problems.

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