Tuesday is the Last Day to Register to Vote in Delaware for the Presidential Election

Saturday is the last day in Delaware to register to vote in the presidential election next month.

If you haven't yet registered, it's most likely not too late to get your registration in under the wire before the end of the day. You can register to vote or change your residence address for your voter registration online by clicking here.

This year's divisive contest for the country's highest elected office has led to thousands of new applications for voter registration. In Pennsylvania, 369,000 new applications had been received by the Department of State through Monday, Oct. 3, according to state figures.

Another 235,000 applications from voters seeking changes to their current registration came in from Pennsylvania residents, the figures show.

The deadline in Pennsylvania has already passed and the New Jersey voter registration deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 18.

For all three states, new registrations and changes to existing registrations must be submitted through the county of your residence.

Some counties now offer day-of registration through midnight if done online. The deadline for submitting documents by mail or by hand may be cut off at 5 p.m.

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