Trump Thinks He's Worth More Than That

The Donald is worth plenty but exactly how much Trump is at the center of a lawsuit currently playing out in a New Jersey courtroom.

Trump claimed that he worth billions of dollars. Author Timothy O'Brien cited sources in his book, "TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald," that the real-estate tycoon is really worth much less -- $150 to $250 million.

An angered Trump took O'Brien to court claiming lost business and defamation.

But the Donald himself seemed to have problems determining how much he is worth because of fluctuations in prices and other factors.

The Donald had told O'Brien that he was worth $6 billion a few years ago but during court proceedings it came out that Trump told casino officials that he is worth $3.6 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But, what really is the difference of a few billion among the rich and famous?

It meant a lot to Trump. The 62-year-old business mogul and TV personality sued O'Brien because the book cost Trump from making more bank, according to the lawsuit.

O'Brien's lawyers argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed, according to the AP.

The most amazing detail to come out of court Monday had nothing to do with money.

Trump told O'Brien's lawyers that he doesn't own or use a computer at work or at home nor does he rock a CrackBerry, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Donald's staff members do the emailing. "I generally would write letters or make telephone calls," he said. "Sometimes I'll just write a note to somebody. I don't do the email thing."

Maybe the missing billions were lost in email.

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