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Fort Dix, Fumo and church shooting trial updates

 Fort Dix Surveillance a Scene Out of “Dumb and Dumber”

The Fort Dix plot seemed like a scene out of “Dumb and Dumber”.  On an alleged surveillance trip, they got totally lost and apparently needed a Dunkin Donuts detour to give their brain cells a little jump-start.

FBI informant Mahmoud Omar helped agents capture evidence through taped recordings of conversations with Muslim immigrants suspected of plotting an attack on Fort Dix.  Wednesday, the jurors watched hidden dash cam video recorded from Omar’s BMW on the way to a surveillance mission.

The video showed suspect Mohamad Shnewer driving to Fort Dix ,  talking about snipers, mortar fire, and perhaps a suicide mission.  It also showed the two getting totally lost driving around the base.  Shnewer then said they should take a break at a local Dunkin’ Donuts to “divert our visit here to conduct reconnaissance,” he said. (

Fumo: Next Time, Don’t Press “Send”

 E-mails really can come back to haunt you.  Be careful when you press that “send” button!  Senator Vince Fumo’s e-mails give a glimpse at his vindictive side.

The e-mails presented in court explained:

After a property owner refused to sell his building to a Fumo-linked nonprofit, Fumo quickly e-mailed an aide, to have the owner's tax bill hiked by 500 percent.

Fumo wrote: "Tell him I want the property IMMEDIATELY reassessed . . ."I want this done. YESTERDAY!", according to the aide.

The taxes were not raised, the property owner Alan Hunter said. (

Fonder: “Crazy About Pastor”

The jury in the Mary Jane fonder case could start deciding her fate Thursday afternoon in Bucks County. 

Fonder is accused of murdering fellow church member Rhonda Smith out of jealousy.  Fonder was allegedly smitten with her pastor and didn’t like the attention he and other churchgoers gave to Smith , who was a newcomer .

Wednesday, the jury heard a taped interview between Fonder and police.   On it, Fonder says she threw her .38-caliber revolver in 1994 in Lake Nockamixon, that she was "crazy about" the pastor, and that she had no idea who might have killed Smith in the Springfield Township church. 

Fonder also told police she contemplated suicide back in 1994 after the disappearance of her father. (

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