Trenton Hero Recovers From Heart Attack

Family and friends will gather tonight to pray for the recovery of a heroic fire fighter.

Manny Rivera suffered a heart attack this week after pulling someone from a burning building
Since firefighter Manny Rivera collapsed on Monday, much of the city has been praying for him.

Today, his family spoke for the first time about his condition.

Richard Laird, the Director of Fire and Emergency Services, says Rivera had responded to a raging fire just before 10, Monday night.

The 14-year fire veteran rushed to the side of 112 Washington Street where a man was dangling outside a window.
Witnesses told us the resident was holding on for dear life from the top floor.

Rivera, put a ladder in place to help the resident get out of his burning home.

Shortly after, Rivera collapsed at the scene according to Laird.

 Rivera's doctor says he had a heart attack.

Right now Rivera remains in stable condition on a respirator in a non-medically induced coma.

Rivera who is married and has 5 children was working overtime.

His brother-in-law praises firefighters who have been at the hospital with Rivera around the clock.

Rivera's brother-in-law says they're joining the city tonight for a prayer service at ST. Mary's Cathedral at 7p.m.

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