Traveling Between Now and Christmas? Here’s the Weather

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect, when, and the impacts on holiday travel.

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Friday: A wintry mix and snow will make roads across upstate New York into southern New England slippery. While the snow and ice totals will not be impressive with this system, the timing of the snow & ice combined with cold road surfaces may create travel delays. Anticipate possible travel delays for areas like Hartford, Boston, Burlington, and Portland. Further to the south & west, heavy rain may delay flights into Memphis and Louisville.
Saturday: Expect a soggy and milder day for much of the eastern U.S. with a swath of rain from Louisiana through the northeast and New England. The major airports such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington D.C., and New York City metropolitan areas could see airport delays due to low ceilings & rain.
Sunday (Christmas Eve): Most of Christmas Eve looks to be quiet until the late afternoon and evening hours. A batch of light snow will develop across the Great Lakes and quickly pivot east. This may provide slippery travel, especially across the interior Northeast Sunday evening & Sunday night. This could impact our northern & western suburbs and Lehigh Valley locations with slippery untreated surfaces. Areas along and south & east of I-95 should see wet pavement.
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Christmas Day: Early morning snow showers Christmas morning will quickly taper off in Philadelphia and New York.
Areas further to the north & east such as Hartford and Boston will see a white Christmas with several inches of snow possible. Travel delays are most likely across New England.
Expect dramatic temperature swings this weekend. Temperatures top out near 60 degrees in Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware on Saturday. However, areas farther north in the Lehigh Valley will stay in the upper 40s. Rain will be on and off Saturday and Saturday night. Sunday is actually looking quite nice with sunshine with temperatures in the middle 40s. Clouds return Christmas Eve with a chance of light showers late in the evening and into early Christmas morning. During those pre-dawn hours, light snow showers will move through northern & western suburbs and Lehigh Valley. Any snow accumulation would be on grassy surfaces and less than 1 inch. In Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey, any early Christmas morning showers will likely be rain, as temperatures will be above freezing. Christmas day skies clear, but it will be cold and blustery with wind-chills in the 20s. Bundle-up!
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Flying? Be sure to check on your flight's status before you go. Safe travels and happy holidays.
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