Trash to Treasure: What Was Once Flushed Away Goes on Display at Museum of the American Revolution

The Museum of the American Revolution's newest installment of the History After Hours series comes with 'Trash Talk'

What to Know

  • The Museum of the American Revolution is hosting a 'Trash Talk' to highlight their exhibit of disposed goods.
  • This event comes as the newest installment of the museum's History After Hours series.
  • The artifacts were reassembled after being tossed into brick-lined privy pits or 18th century toilets.

One man’s trash is not only another man’s treasure in this instance, but everyone’s treasure. The Museum of the American Revolution’s newest evening event showcases their collection of ancient recycled goods.

The Old City Philadelphia museum is hosting a "Trash Talk" Tuesday to exhibit their archaeological findings dating back to the 1700's. During their excavation, nearly 85,000 artifacts were unearthed.

Tea sets, smoking pipe, and wig rollers were just a few of the pieces recovered from local well shafts and brick-lined privy pits – 18th century toilets – in the Philadelphia area.

This event is part of the ongoing series "History After Hours". For these limited time events, guests can enjoy extended evening hours, special themed programs, and happy hour food and drink specials from 5 to 8 p.m.

Tickets for History After Hours are $10 and can be purchased online in advance here or at the door.

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