Train Sparks Brush Fires, Delays for SEPTA, Amtrak

The disruption added more misery to SEPTA's slowdown caused by structural damage to more than 100 of its regional rail cars.

Trains were held in Philadelphia and Montgomery County because of brush fires right near the tracks during Wednesday's afternoon rush.

Brush fires broke out along the tracks stretches from the Overbrook station, the last stop before the Main Line, over to the Bryn Mawr station, according to SEPTA. Three different fires.

Two Amtrak trains -- Keystone 649 and 652 -- were held on the tracks. Passengers were taken off a SEPTA train at the Overbrook stop and put on buses. Others called Uber.

The fires delayed service for close to an hour, adding more misery to the second day of a slowdown on the tracks due to structural damage on more than 100 of SEPTA's regional rail cars.

Dispatchers with Montgomery County said the fires were started by the trains. SEPTA has not confirmed or commented on the cause.

Train sparks can get fueled by dry grass and heat, igniting brush fires.

This is the first day of a heat wave across the region. Mixed with humidity, temperatures feel like 90 degrees today, according to NBC10 First Alert Chief Meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwarta. He predicts it will feel like 100 degrees or more for the next couple days.

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