New Jersey

Towns Fed Up With Stink, Sue

Residents who live across the river from Tullytown Landfill in Bucks County joined forces to try and stop what they say is a terrible smell.

But don’t call Waste Management, the owner of the landfill. The Citizens Against the Smell of Tullytown or CATSOT filed a class-action lawsuit on Thursday against them.

Represented by the Law Firm of Kamensky, Cohen and Richelson, they argue that the stench has become too much for anyone to take and forces people to stay inside.

It’s not just a discomfort though. The residents claim the fumes coming from the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River have had a negative effect on their health, causing irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, with prolonged exposure leading to migraines, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

In addition to health effects, CATSOT claim the funk has caused their property values to go down.

On Oct. 6 Pennsylvania DEP issued Senior District Manager of Waste Management, Robert Iuliucci a notice based on a series of complaints collected between Sept. 22 and Oct. 2 that found them in violation of the Municipal Waste Management Rules and Regulations.

An official for Tullytown says they have completed the list of improvements outlined by the DEP since receiving the notice.

CATSOT is still urging anyone to call the DEP at 484-250-5991 with any odor complaints.

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