Town Removes Items Used to Save Shoveled Out Parking Spots

As a recent incident in which a man allegedly shoveled in his neighbor's car proves, people can get rather emotional when it comes to their shoveled out parking spots. But in the midst of the recent heavy snow, a Lehigh Valley town is putting a stop to saved parking spaces.

The Wilson Borough Council voted Monday to authorize the public works department to pick up any items used by residents to save on-street parking spots. That means that any chair, garbage cans or other items used to save spaces will be removed on sight.

“I don’t want it to seem like we’re having furniture sales all over the borough,” Wilson Borough Councilman Russ Lipari told Lehigh Valley Live.

Philadelphia has a similar policy when it comes to shoveled out spots. While the practice of placing items on parking spaces that they spent hours shoveling snow out of is a popular one, it’s also illegal.

Last month, a resident tweeted the Philadelphia Police Department, asking if her chair would be arrested for reserving her parking spot. PPD humorously responded by tweeting “#NoSavesies.”

Philly Police say their officers can and will confiscate any item used to reserve a parking space on a city street, and residents can call 911 to report neighbors who are using items to reserve the spaces.

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