Tour Lower Merion’s New High School

Although some may ignore the fact that school's just a few weeks away, the truth hurts. However, for students entering Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, it’s somewhat of a comfort knowing they’ll be starting a “new era” at a brand new 100 million dollar school building.

After two years of watching the new school get built and parts of the old one get emolished, it’s now open to the public and many students got a look inside earlier this week.

“It’s very large. It’ll be hard finding your way around here” said one student.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you're surrounded by light -- all part of the contractor's “eco-friendly” approach -- one of just many “green” facts about the school.

Every classroom will be outfitted with the average desks and chairs, but also the not-so-average surround sound speakers and projector screens.

“Our main goal when building, is efficiency” said Sean Hughes, principal of LM.

Lower Merion has always been known for their sports, mainly basketball, and the large following they get from both students and the community. With such a supportive following, they get a supportive gym. It’s fantastic, lined with “Lower Merion” on each ends of the court and mascot “Bulldogs” on the corners of the floor the gym is sure to excite the players as they take on rivals.

You’re probably thinking, "That’s it, that’s all they have? Sounds like a regular school!" Let me prove you wrong.

The school is also equipped with a sculptor garden for students who take art classes, and a black box theatre which is a brand new concept of the Theater Arts Program at Lower Merion. Not to mention the greenhouse. Yes, a greenhouse where science students can take part in labs on nature and living organisms that need sunlight and outdoor protection.

Students will start hitting the books in their new digs on September 7th.

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