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As bank fees continue to rise, so does the number of Americans choosing to join the “unbanked” movement as a means to save money. Despite some of the large fees that are attached to the premium accounts, many banks are offering lower end checking accounts that have small to no fees at all. Below is a list of banks and the details of their consumer friendly details.

PNC Bank:
Virtual Wallet (Checking Account)

-No minimum balance requirements
-No monthly service charge
-Free transactions at PNC ATM’s
-Unlimited check writing
-Free Visa check card
Visit PNC's Bank for more checking information

Ally Bank:
Interest Checking (checking account)
-No minimum deposit to open
- No monthly maintenance fees
-Free online banking
-Free debit Mastercard
-Free checks and unlimited check writing
-No ATM fees
-Free balance alerts
Visit Ally's Bank for more checking information 

Chase Bank:
Chase Total Checking (Checking Account)
-Minimum deposit to open: $25
-No Monthly Service Fee If:
 >Direct Deposits total $500 or more OR
 >$1,500 minimum daily balance OR
 >Average daily balance of $5,000 or more
 >$12 fee applies if the criteria above is not met
-Free Chase debit card
-Free online banking
-Free mobile banking
Visit Chase Bank for more checking information

US Bank:
Easy Checking (Checking Account)
-Monthly maintenance fee $6.95 for online statement OR $8.95 for paper Unless…
 >Combined monthly direct deposits total $500 or more OR
 >Average account balance of $1,500
-Free internet banking
-Free U.S. ATM transactions
-Free e-mail and text alerts
-Free U.S. Bank Visa Check card
Visit US Bank for more checking information

Charles Schwab Bank:
Interest Checking Plus (Checking Accounts)
-No minimum deposit to open
-Free Visa debit card
-No Schwab bank ATM fees
-Limited refunds for other banks ATM fees
-Unlimited free check writing
-Earns Interest
Visit Charles Schwab Bank for more checking information

ING Direct Bank:
Money (Checking Account)
-No minimum deposit to open
-No fees
-Free ING ATM transactions
-Free Mastercard debit card
Visit ING Direct Bank for more checking information

TD Bank:
TD Simple (Checking Account)
-No minimum daily balance
-Monthly maintenance fee: $3.99 OR $2.99 when choosing online statements
-Free online banking
-Free mobile banking
-Free Visa debit card (no monthly fee for services)
-Free TD Bank ATM transactions
Visit TD Bank for more checking information

Free Checking (Checking Account)

-Unlimited check writing
-No minimum daily balance
-No monthly maintenance fee
-Free Visa check card
-ATM “Freedom”
-Free estatements
Visit Susquehanna Bank for more checking information

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