More Victims Come Forward After Thousands Stolen From TD Bank Accounts

More TD Bank customers are coming forward to police, claiming money was stolen from their bank accounts.

Police say they first heard from at least a dozen customers from the TD Bank in Northfield, NJ at the beginning of August who claimed money had been stolen from their accounts. Eleven similar incidents were also reported in August at TD Bank branches in Egg Harbor Township and Brigantine. Police say they also heard from TD Bank customers who reported cash withdrawals from ATMs in the New York City area that they did not make. On Tuesday, three more customers came forward to Northfield Police.

“At this time, we’re talking anything between $1400 to $2200 per account,” said Chief Robert James of the Northfield Police Department.

TD Bank officials are working with police to investigate whether someone illegally installed a skimming device used to read information from debit cards on an ATM machine at the Northfield location.

“We’re working with TD Bank to access all the financial records and gather all the surveillance video that we can,” said Chief James. “We’re hoping that your viewers will see this information and pay a little bit more attention to their account statements.”

A company spokesman says TD Bank is contacting all customers who may have been affected and that the victims will be reimbursed for any fraudulent activity. Officials also say TD Bank has upgraded its ATM technology to help prevent future skimming incidents.

“It’s wrong,” said Dawn Coventree, a TD Bank customer. “It’s immoral. Hopefully they’re getting the situation under control and taken care of.”

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