Thieves Steal From Business Without Power

Police are on the hunt for thieves who they say targeted a Montgomery County Auto Shop that has been without power for several days.

Ken Hein, owner of Greenwood Automotive Specialists in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, says his business was already struggling after it lost power during the ice storm. Now he’s out another $70,000 in money, tools and supplies after thieves struck his shop three times in the last three days.

“It hurts,” Hein said. “It’s just real upsetting. I got a family. I got three kids and I’m working hard to support them and somebody comes and takes my livelihood.”

Police say the thieves broke through the front door the first two times. During the most recent robbery late Friday night, they broke in after smashing the glass of one of the garage doors. Detectives say they also broke into a nearby convenience store.

According to officials, the thieves swiped the surveillance system from both businesses. Hein, who has spent the past three years building his business, is worried that the thieves will return.

“As long as there is no power I’m definitely worried,” he said.

Cheltenham Police say they have increased their patrols in an effort to catch the person or people responsible.

Police in Delaware County say burglars are also targeting homes without power in Radnor, Pa.

If you have any information on the burglaries, please call the Cheltenham Township Police Department at 215-885-1600.

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