The Water Tastes Metallic, But It's Safe Anyway

Yellow water isn't supposed to come out of the tap but that's what happened Thursday for some homeowners in Maple Shade, N.J.

Yellowed water or no water at all came out of faucets in Maples Shade last night.

The problem was that there was a concentration of iron in the tap water, according to a spokesperson with Maple Shade Water Department.

The water is safe despite looking gross and tasting metallic. There is no harm in drinking the water, said officials.

A power outage hit the Maple Shade area around 5 p.m. Thursday. The outage caused fuses in the water filtration system to short out, said the spokesperson.

Maple Shade Water was flushing the system out causing the iron-filled water to go out to customers, they said.

All water service should be back to normal at some point Friday.

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