The Mummers Will Strut

The Mummers parade is a go this New Years Day.

Officials with all four Mummers divisions met behind closed doors at the Mummers Museum in South Philly Wednesday night to decide whether to keep the Philadelphia tradition alive.

The City of Philadelphia and the Mummers have been sparring in recent days over who will pay for the cost of parade services such as security and sanitation.

Mayor Nutter announced earlier this year that the city would no longer be able to provide $300,000 in prize money to the parade because of the city’s budget crisis.

Then, just last week, the city said it would have to make further cutbacks in funding. City officials said they would only give the parade $300,000 to pay for services, not a penny more. Parade organizers were asking for $347,000.

The Mummers will now have to pay for the $47,000 gap in funding. They are asking the public to donate to pay for the shortfall.

Parade officials have set up a website to collect donations. To donate to the Mummers Fund, visit

There is another possible source of money to keep the Mummers strutting.

Congressman Bob Brady stopped by the announcement and said he thinks he can find some deep pockets to cover the $50,000 they need.

If he can't, he said, he'll personally make up the difference.

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