The Clock Struck 12: Violence Hit Philly's Streets

In just one hour early Monday morning, a suspect was shot in the arm following a police chase and a woman was shot in the face and killed.

Just after midnight in North Philadelphia, a suspect was wounded and is now in custody after a police chase ended in gunfire.

It happened near North Percy Street.
Officers pulled a man over and spotted a gun in his car, police said.
He took off and they gave chase.

A moment or two later, the suspect crashed into another car, injuring two people.
The officers were forced to shoot the suspect in the arm to subdue him, police said.

Meanwhile, just after 1am, a woman was shot in the face and killed in Germantown, authorities said.

This shooting took place near the intersection of West Abbotsford Avenue and McKean Street.
Two men fled on foot.

Police are searching for the suspects.

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