That Stench in South Philly? Blame it on Jersey

South Philadelphia has been getting really stinky lately. Seriously stinky. Sort of reminiscent of cat pee, according to some South Philly residents who commented on a story posted by their neighborhood news publication, Passyunk Post.

"...I smelled it the other morning and thought my older cat might have peed in one of the rooms, but couldn't locate any." - Krissy

"I shut our windows the other day because it was so bad" - Kyle

The Post says they've received multiple complaints about a mysterious smell, which strikes at the most random of times, over the last few weeks -- three to be exact. They say most of the complaints come from the area south of Snyder, but also from as far as Front and Ritner.

So, why the sudden stench? 

Well, it's not cat urine -- and it's NOT coming from the city of Brotherly Love, says Philadelphia's Air Management Services Office (AMS).

"Most likely it is coming from New Jersey due to wind direction," they said.

A new natural gas power plant in West Deptford will open in less than two weeks and South Philadelphia is downwind from the plant.

The plant is what AMS is blaming for the smell and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is not exactly denying the claim.

"We're not necessarily taking full blame for the odor, though the signals seem to be pointing in that direction," the NJDEP told the Passyunk Post.

They're currently conducting their own investigation into the odor.

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