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By Car, Air or Train: Your Windy Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

Winds on Wednesday and Thursday along with some stormy weather in other parts of the country could make for a bumpy ride for Thanksgiving travelers

Whether you are hopping on a plane, catching a train or taking a drive, the weather is expected to play a role in your Thanksgiving travel plans.

Wind and wet weather could cause you some travel troubles and we want to make sure you’re prepared.

Sunny Days to Start the Week

In Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, we have calm and sunny conditions Monday and Tuesday. The high on high Tuesday is expected to get into the low 60s thanks to a light southerly breeze.

Windy Wednesday

If you are driving or catching a flight, Tuesday could be the best day to go as winds pick up Wednesday as some scattered showers move through our region in the morning and afternoon. The high on Wednesday will get to around 60 before the winds pick up later in the day.

Your Thanksgiving Forecast

Expect a gusty start to Thanksgiving with highs only getting into the mid 40s as winds make it feel even colder. The winds could make for bumpy landings and takeoffs for anyone flying for the holiday.

Even if you are just driving across town to your family's house, there could be some wet leaves left on roads.

What's the Forecast Around the Country?

On Tuesday, a snow system is expected to be causing some travel issues from the Rockies to the Plains, while some rain is expected from Missouri down to Louisiana. Up to a foot of snow could fall in Colorado and Wyoming.

Plenty of bright sunshine sticks around along the East Coast during the day.

A look at weather expected around the country on Tuesday, No. 26, 2019. See Larger

On Wednesday, snow is expected from northeastern California into Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. Snow is also expected in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The rain system in the middle of the country will blow toward the East Coast, bringing showers from Georgia to New York during the day.

A look at weather expected around the country on Wednesday, No. 27, 2019. See Larger

Pack Patience as More People Drive

AAA Mid-Atlantic is estimating the highest travel volume for the Thanksgiving holiday since 2005. That means more people on the road.

Be prepared to see some extra volume on highways, so give yourself some extra time, especially if traveling in the rain on Wednesday.

Expect to wait in lines at 30th Street Station and Philadelphia International Airport where extra trains and planes are added to meet increased demand.

Have a happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are going and get the latest travel forecast from the First Alert Weather Team on NBC10 News and in our app.

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