Temple University Again Loses Football Coach to Miami University: This Time Before the Coach Even Moved

It's the second time that Miami has technically hired Temple's coach away from the Owls.

Former Miami University assistant coach Manny Diaz woke up Sunday morning as the coach at Temple University.

And then the phone rang.

Miami's head coach Mark Richt had stunned the program by retiring as coach Sunday morning, the school gathered itself to begin a search for his replacement a few hours later, and before the day was done Diaz was announced as the new leader of the Hurricanes.

"I never saw this coming," Diaz said. "No one did."

The Hurricanes' defensive coordinator for the past three seasons agreed to a five-year contract to take over the program, and Miami's new coach never truly left Miami. Diaz took the job as Temple coach earlier this month, remained at Miami to coach his defense one last time in the Pinstripe Bowl last week — and was prepping for the move to Philadelphia.

Cancel that truck.

"Miami is home," Diaz said, a native of the city where his father once was Mayor. "The University of Miami is home. The U has truly been 'the job' for me since I first got into coaching. Having worked here over the past three years, I came to understand what it means to be part of `The U' and came to appreciate the passion and commitment to excellence of all who proudly call themselves Canes.

"We will restore the football program to its place among the nation's elite and we will do it with hard work, dedicated coaches, and outstanding student-athletes."

Players were told Sunday night, and were thrilled.

"I give this coach all my respect," Miami running back Camron Davis said.

Temple was not so thrilled, though athletic director Patrick Kraft released a statement wishing Diaz well.

"We are disappointed that he is leaving, but wish him the best as he returns home," Kraft said.

It's the second time that Miami has technically hired Temple's coach away from the Owls: The Hurricanes brought in Al Golden from there in 2010, and eventually replaced him with Richt in 2015.

Diaz apologized to Temple for the bizarre circumstances.

"I hate the way this unfolded with respect to Temple," Diaz said. "I was given a tremendous opportunity to lead the Temple program and I was actively engaged in doing just that when I woke up this morning. ... I do hope that the Temple players, administration and fans appreciate the uniqueness of this situation and the overwhelming pull to stay home."

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