Temple Dental Students Eager to Help in Haiti

An annual trip to Haiti for Temple University dental students is in jeopardy because of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. The students have been travelling to Haiti for the past 15 years for their spring break to provide dental help to Haitians.

Even before the earthquake struck, no running water and electricity made it difficult for most citizens to keep their teeth clean. 

This year’s trip will likely be a last minute decision but students are doing everything they can in the meantime to raise money and food for those in Haiti.

“For me, there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from going down.  I’ve been waiting to go back since the second our plane landed last year,” said Rachel Bresler.

Students are accepting money, supplies and canned goods.  Their patients are also helping out but students and professors really want to help out first-hand.

“They’ve lost their homes and their families.  They’re trying to rebuild their lives and if we can go down and get them out of pain, then we’re going to do our best to do that,” Temple Professor, Josh Bresler says. 

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