Police: Teen “Cult Heroes” Taped Home Stealing Sprees

Police say duo robbed Christmas presents, electronics and even food from the fridge

If you were going to commit a robbery, would you videotape it?

Well, two teens thought it was a good idea and now that eureka moment has landed them behind bars.

The duo allegedly went on the stealing spree last Friday, hitting five homes in Upper Darby Township, police said.

The 15 and 16-year old boys swiped wrapped Christmas presents, electronics and even food from the refrigerator – all while providing color commentary.

"Christmas came early for us today," said one teen as they looted hidden presents.

Finding a gem of a flat-screen TV, the two lamented over the fact they couldn't carry it out of the home. "Imagine if we had a f---ing gang," they said.

Coming across a jug of change, the teens decided to show some charity: "Let 'em keep their pennies."

Police nabbed the teens after an alarm system inside the last house they entered tripped. They found the camera and the footage on the teens during a search, police said.

"When you see the videotape, they think it's a joke," Upper Darby Police Supt. Michael Chitwood said Wednesday. "As we all know, burglary is like rape."

When asked why they recorded the crimes, the teens said they were promoting themselves as "cult fictional heroes," according to Chitwood.

"They do this thing because they have something to show their friends," Chitwood said.

As for the victims, they feel the teens should have used their video camera for something more productive.

"They should have been videotaping themselves and talking about 'You know it's so wrong for us to come into other people's houses…and try to take from them," Sharritha Thigpen said.

Both teens have been charged with the crimes.

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