Teen Hurt, Man Dies in Multiple Shootings

Three shootings overnight in three separate sections of the city left a man dead and a teen fighting for his life.

The unidentified teen was shot just before 11:25 p.m. Wednesday at N 2nd Street and W Champlost Avenue in Philadelphia's Olney neighborhood.

Police found the 17 year old semiconscious with a gunshot wound to his stomach. He was rushed to Einstein Hospital where he was in extremely critical condition while in surgery, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Small said that at least 14 shots were fired hitting not only the teen but at least two parked cars and three homes. No one inside the homes was hit by the stray bullets.

Responding police stopped a vehicle nearby.

“The driver of that vehicle was placed into custody as a suspect or person of interest at this time and he subsequently had several handguns inside of his vehicle,” Small said.

Around 12:15 p.m. Philadelphia Police say they found an unidentified man dead on the sidewalk at Germantown Avenue and Wister Street in the city’s Germantown neighborhood. Gregory Smith, 45, of the 4300 block of N 16th Street was shot multiple times, according to police.

Then around 1 p.m. an unidentified man was shot three times near a gas station and some homes near Wyoming Avenue and the Roosevelt Boulevard in the Feltonville section of the city.

The man was taken to Temple University Hospital in stable condition. Luckily no one inside a nearby home that was hit by a stray bullet was hurt.

No motives were given for any of the shootings and there are no suspects in the second two shootings.

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