New Jersey

Teen Hit by Car, Holds on to Hood as Driver Takes Off

A driver at the Jersey Shore is facing several charges after hitting a teenager and driving away with the victim holding on to the hood of the car.

According to Police, the driver, 23 year-old Terick DeBose of Toms River, hit a parked car at Pinter Elementary School in Lakewood, New Jersey on Friday and tried to take off from the scene.

A teenager then tried to stop him from leaving, when Police say DeBose stepped on the accelerator and ran right into him.

Police say DeBose then continued to flee and began traveling at an estimated 40 miles per hour on E. Countyline Road with the teenager still holding on to the hood of the car.

After a brief chase by police, DeBose was stopped and arrested on various charges including leaving the scene of an accident and a host of motor vehicle summons.

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