Teen Beaten by Gang of Girls on School Bus

A local mother says she fears for her daughter’s life after the teen was beaten by a group of students on her school bus. 

Diamond Matadi, a student at Upper Darby High School, says she was attacked a little over a week ago by a gang of girls while riding the bus.

"The other girl punched my eye," Matadi said. "Water started coming from my eye."

As Matadi struggled to fight back, she says the bus driver didn’t intervene and continued to drive. Her sister, Sarah Jeah, recorded the fight. Their mother, Rosetta White, was deeply disturbed after watching it.

“She was getting killed and there was nothing I could do,” White said.

White claims her daughter showed the video to school officials which only led to more problems.

“Now she’s getting phone calls and she's being threatened,” White said. “[They’re saying] ‘if you show this video you’re going to get killed.’”

When White alerted the principal of the school, she claims he told her to “call the police.”

NBC10 tried to contact the principal but was told by his assistant that he wasn’t available. However, Dr. Richard Dunlop Jr., the Upper Darby school district superintendent, told NBC10 that the bus driver filed a report and that the students responsible were disciplined.

White claims however that the girls who attacked her daughter are still at the school. She now drives her daughters to school for fear of their safety.

“I need the school to provide some protection for my kid,” White said.

White also told NBC10 that she contacted police, requesting that the girls who attacked her daughter face charges.


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