Montgomery County Teen With Autism Wins Homecoming Crown

High school Senior Ben Hartranft, known affectionately as the unofficial "mayor" of North Penn High School, was crowned Homecoming king last Friday.

"It felt amazing," the 18-year-old Lansdale native said. "I’ve been dreaming about it all summer."

Hartranft was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, and has since gone through intensive speech and social therapy.

"Everyone has been incredibly supportive," said Ben’s mother, Sandy Hartranft. 

North Penn High School's Homecoming king and queen nomination process, which lasted roughly two weeks, culminated in a game on Friday where the winner was announced.

Ben Hartranft’s family was there to witness him win.

"We were trying to prepare him because there were so many students, it was an honor to even be nominated," Sandy Hartranft said.

When Ben won the entire family was overjoyed.

"We were all brought to tears," said Sandy. "He won because of his school spirit. He truly brightens everyone’s day." 

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