Teacher’s Aide Arrested for Alleged DUI Rampage Outside Pennsylvania School

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A Berks County teacher’s aide was arrested after she allegedly damaged an elementary school lawn while driving drunk.

Patricia Castellito, 48, of Hamburg, Pennsylvania, is a teacher’s aide at the Perry Elementary Center in Perry Township as well as the Tilden Elementary Center in Tilden Township.

Investigators say Castellito was parking her 2014 Kia Sorrento in a parking stall at Perry Elementary on N 41st Street in Shoemakersville Borough, Pa Monday around 9:20 a.m.

As Castellito pulled her vehicle out from the parking lot stall she struck a backhoe in the lot, according to investigators. She then placed her car in reverse and tried to drive forward but struck the backhoe a second time.

Castellito then once again placed her vehicle in reverse and tried to drive off at a high speed. She was unable to make a left turn in the parking lot however and  struck a curb, driving into a dirt area across from the parking lot entrance. She then struck another curb on the opposite side of the entrance.

Castellito then drove onto an area of newly planted grass before making a right turn back onto 40th Street. She then made a left onto Pine Street and stopped her vehicle. She then placed her car in reverse once again and drove back onto the curb into a front lawn. She then drove from the lawn back onto Pine Street and turned left onto 5th Street where she struck a parked car, according to police.

Witnesses approached the vehicle at the intersection and were able to remove the keys.

Castellito was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and other related offenses. She has not been officially charged with DUI but police say they are waiting for her blood test results.

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