Teacher Fired Over B Word: Report

A 66-year-old teacher was fired for saying the b-word during a heated exchange with a 16-year-old female student, according to Delaware Online.

A local teacher is without a job after a heated exchange with a student, according to Delaware Online.  The publication reports Robert Lewis, 66, was fired after using the word “bitch” while speaking to a 16-year-old student.

It happened at the Pencader Business and Finance Charter High School in Delaware. During a meeting Thursday night, Lewis told the school board the female student was behaving inappropriately in class. Lewis claimed he became so frustrated with the student’s behavior that he said, “Please stop acting like a spoiled bitch.”

The student claims that before he made that remark, Lewis directly told her “You’re a spoiled bitch.” While Lewis denied directly calling the student “the b word,” he still apologized for his remarks.

According to Delaware Online, Lewis, who had been suspended for three days without pay, admitted he made a mistake but pleaded with the board to let him keep his job. Despite a standing ovation from most of the audience as well as numerous defenders, four of the board members voted to end his contract while the other two abstained, according to Delaware Online. No word yet on whether Lewis or his supporters will fight the decision.

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