New Jersey

TD Bank Getting Rid of ‘Penny Arcade' Coin Counting Machines Amid Discrepancies

TD Bank is doing away with its popular Penny Arcade coin counting machines after years of accusations that customers were being short changed.

The Cherry Hill, New Jersey based bank made the announcement Thursday afternoon. The company had shut down more than 1,000 machines in April following news reports about counting troubles.

Three class action lawsuits were filed recently against TD Bank over the free coin-counting machines.

In 2012, Consumer affairs officials in Ocean County, New Jersey shared concerns with NBC10 about the machines incorrectly counting customer change. At the time, the bank refused to let county officials inspect the machines.

TD Bank said Thursday that branch staff tested the machines daily and would schedule maintenance as needed. They added that the bank would immediately credit customers who complained about low coin counts.

The bank operated more than 1,000 machines in branches from Maine to Florida.

Customers can still have pre-rolled coins counted for free.

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