Going to Taylor Swift’s Philly Concert? Don’t Bring a Big Sign; Do Bring a Clear Bag

Lincoln Financial Field has been tweeting about what fans can and cannot bring to the concert.

What to Know

  • Pop superstar Taylor Swift is bringing her "reputation" tour to Philadelphia with shows Friday and Saturday.
  • She'll be performing at Lincoln Financial Field, which has strict rules about what fans can and can't bring.
  • Among the items that have restrictions or are prohibited: signs, cameras and glow sticks. Also, fans can only bring clear bags.

Seeing the Taylor Swift concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly on Friday or Saturday? Make sure you brush up on the rules about what you can and can't bring before you go.

The venue’s Twitter account has been abuzz this week with fans asking questions about everything from parking costs to what kinds of bags they can carry and how large their signs can be.

Many items, including bags, cameras and posters, aren't banned entirely, but their sizes are limited. Cameras, for example, shouldn't be larger than the size of a hand and can't have lenses longer than 6 inches.  

Sign regulations may also send perplexed fans back to the drawing board. The field said on Twitter that signs may not be larger than 11 by 17 inches, but several concert-goers have already created larger posters.

Most of the tweets, however, have been about the field’s clear bag policy. Bags can't be larger than 12 by 6 by 12 inches and must be made of see-through material.  

One of the most interesting banned items? Glow sticks. The portable, plastic lights will not be permitted inside the stadium, according to the venue’s Twitter account. 

Also on Lincoln Financial Field’s list of prohibited items are laser pointers, selfie sticks, cowbells and umbrellas. Fans can review the stadium’s complete security policy here

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