Caught on Cam: Philly Cabbie Fights Back Against Fare With Knife

A dashboard camera captured a fare named "James" stabbing a Philadelphia cabdriver in the middle of the day then jumping out of the moving taxi as the driver fought back.

The incident played out inside an All Threes taxi as it rolled along Race Street near 58th Street in West Philadelphia around 12:45 p.m. Sunday, said Philadelphia Police.

The driver had picked up a thin man in his 20s with a beard who was wearing a green hoodie and light-colored pants who identified himself as "James" after being dispatched to the 800 block of N Markoe street, said Philadelphia Police.

After driving about 1.5 miles to Race Street, the passenger grabbed the driver by the neck in what police called a robbery attempt. The driver freed himself from the suspect’s grip but then the suspect began repeatedly stabbing the driver from behind.

The driver continued to fight back and pushed his attacker onto the backseat. The suspect then darted out of the moving cab and fled north on 58th Street as the driver, appearing to be bloodied, got out of the cab and attempted to give chase.

The driver suffered several cuts that required treatment at Presbyterian Hospital.

Investigators asked anyone who recognizes "James" to contact Philly Police.

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