Protesters Upset Over Deadly Police Shooting Interrupt Philadelphia Community Meeting, 10 Arrests After Fight Breaks Out

A fight broke out -- chairs and punches thrown -- Thursday night at a community meeting in Philadelphia to protest District Attorney Seth Williams’ announcement that two police officers have been cleared in the shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown. Police arrested 10 people.

Protesters interrupted the meeting at the Lawncrest Recreation Center along Rising Sun Avenue, which also featured Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. "No justice, no peace," chanted the crowd. Then protesters got close to Ramsey and Williams.

At some point the protest turned violent. At least one person was thrown to the ground and chairs were tossed out of the way. Police could then be seen clearing the room of protesters.

Following the incident around 7 p.m., police rushed to the scene and began to make arrests -- taking 10 people into custody. No one required medical treatment.

Earlier in the day, Williams announced his findings and released video of the shooting death of Tate-Brown during a traffic stop along Frankford Avenue on Dec. 15, 2014.

"The facts show a tragedy, a terrible tragedy, but not a crime," Williams said during a news conference Thursday at his Center City office.

Tate-Brown’s mother, Tanya Brown-Dickerson, and others have continued to question the action of the officers during the deadly incident. They have also questioned the circumstances that led to the traffic stop.

"So which one was it? Did his car match a robbery? Were his lights off? or was he pulled over for driving while black?" questioned attorney Brian Mildenberg.

Police said Tate-Brown had only his parking lights on when he was stopped and became combative during the stop.

Ramsey said he understands that there are strained relations between police and some of the public.

"What you saw here today was actually embaressing," Ramsey told's Joel Mathis.

Ramsey and Williams stuck around and the community meeting eventually continued with far fewer people in attendance.

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