NJ Tanning Mom Inspires Tanorexic Doll

Patricia Krentcil, the NJ mom accused of putting her five-year-old in a tanning bed long enough to get burned, has inspired a Tanorexic doll

The New Jersey mom accused of child tanning abuse is still riding her fifteen-minutes-of-fame wave.

Now she's inspired the Tanorexic doll. It's made by HeroBuilders.com and costs $30.

"Yes of course she inspired it," said Hero Builders founder, Emil Vicale. "Why would I make something as hideous as this?!

"This is our first ugly doll," Vicale said, laughing. Maybe this is a new genre for us!"

Patricia Krentcil, who admittedly loves to tan, is charged with child endangerment.

The Essex County Prosecutor says she put her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed and let her stay there long enough to get burned. Krentcil pleaded not guilty to that charge last week. She says her daughter got sunburned the old-fashioned way, hanging out in the yard without the proper protection.

The day after her court appearance, Krentcil told a camera crew that she was innocent and that the charges were the result of a witch hunt, probably by someone who was "fat, jealous and ugly."

Vicale, who runs his spoof-doll operation out of Connecticut, thinks ugly might just pay off. "Maybe this is our new thing. Maybe ugly is in this year."

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