‘Tanorexic' Mom Doll a Top-Seller

Toy company says action figure inspired by over-tanned NJ mother was their best-seller in 2012

The “Tanning Mom” who became infamous for her red, leathery appearance from excessive tanning is back in the news.

A toy inspired by Patricia Krentcil, the New Jersey mother who made national headlines after she was accused of allegedly letting her then 5-year-old daughter go in a tanning bed -- resulting in the girl suffering burns, was the top seller in 2012 for an American toy company.

The Tanorexic action figure was the most popular toy sold by Connecticut-based Herobuilders, as reported by NJ.com.

Herobuilders president Emil Vicale tells NBC10 that they sold more than 200 Tanning Mom dolls at $29.95 a pop. The next most popular dolls were ones of GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Krentcil maintains her innocence saying her daughter got burnt after spending too much time outside.

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