Tanker Truck Holding 4,000 Gallons of Gas Flips, Spills on Route 611

UPDATE: It took hours to get the road reopened.

Emergency crews reportedly freed a truck driver from a crash along Route 611 in Bucks County Thursday night that involved an overturned tanker truck.

Nearby homes were evacuated following the crash about 8 p.m. The cause remained unknown shortly before midnight. The busy road near the intersection of Freedom's Way was shut down for hours. It remained closed as of midnight.

As many as three vehicles were involved, including the tanker truck, which spilled more than 4,000 gallons of gas in the hours after the crash, officials said.

The truck driver was rescued by emergency responders, who then pulled back from the truck in case of an unexpected explosive reaction.

Evacuated residents were expected to remain at a nearby school until the early morning Friday.

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