Tanker Crash Causes Gas Spill

500 to 800 gallons of gas spilled onto a Bucks County street after a car crashed into a tanker.

Cleanup crews are on the scene of a gasoline spill in Bucks County.

It happened Friday around 7 p.m. on the 2100 block of York Road in Jamison, Pennsylvania. Police say Jamison Auto service, a gasoline station and repair shop, was receiving a gasoline delivery from a tractor trailer/tanker.

Suddenly a customer drove into the gasoline hose delivering fuel into the underground storage tank. The hose ruptured and spilled 500 to 800 gallons of gasoline into the parking lot before the delivery driver shut off the valve.

Cleanup crews spread absorbent material around the area to contain the spill. They remain at the scene.

Officials say an undetermined amount of gas spread into the Jamison Pour House, a restaurant and bar near the gas station. The Pour House was closed and evacuated as a precaution. Metering devices were also used to check nearby buildings but no hazardous levels of vapors were detected.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is expected to help assess the accident and clean up.

Route 263 (York Road) is currently closed due to the spill. Officials say the road should be closed for a few more hours.

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