Tag…You're In!

One half of the mother-daughter sex team, daughter Tami Smith, has her day in court Monday.

Traci Young, 38 and her 22-year-old daughter, Tami Smith were ordered to go to trial on charges including prostitution and conspiracy in early December.

Since the start of the trial, the dynamic duo’s rising popularity has crowned them The Tacony Two-fer by Philebrity.com.

The women solicited their naughty business with an ad on Craigslist that showed the two sitting on a sectional couch in tank tops, according to The Daily News. In big, bold letters, the ad said: “MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND CALL US.”

The sex-scapade was busted by an undercover cop who pretended he wanted to “make the right choice.”

Officer Donald Paxton testified in court that when he arrived at the hot spot on Ditman Street in Wissinoming, he was led to the basement of the women’s humble abode where there was a bed and a computer. Maybe this mother-daughter tag-team thought their prostitution ring made for good bonding—tag you’re in.

For 200 bucks, Paxton was offered sex, including oral sex. He would get a shot with mom first and finish with the daughter.

Mom went to get condoms (at least they're practicing safe sex) at the store with her boyfriend. When they got back, Young and Smith were arrested by police.

Young’s boyfriend was arrested, too, but was released on all charges including prostitution, conspiracy and possession of marijuana due to lack of evidence.

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