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Synthetic Marijuana Sends 30 to Hospitals Across New Jersey

A New Jersey woman suffered a severe adverse reaction to synthetic marijuna Tuesday following reports that more than 50 people were hospitalized in Pennsylvania after taking the drug

The 22-year-old South Brunswick woman was among at least the 30 people who were sent to emergency rooms throughout the state after ingesting the street drug, commonly known as spice or K2.

Authorities in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have issued a warning for synthetic marijuana, which can cause severe agitation, seizures and renal failure.

While no one has died in New Jersey as a result of the drug, experts in Pennsylvania suspect that toxicology reports will show eight recents deaths from the drug in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. 

Adverse reactions have been seen mostly across the northern and central counties in New Jersey.

Dr. Steven Marcus, the executive director and medical director of the poison information system, told the Home News Tribune the drug is puzzling because it can induce extreme agitation and coma.

Marcus said the drug can kill and isn't just a strong version of marijuana.

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