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Swinging, Pot Use Wielded in Effort to Oust Delco Councilman

Parkside Borough Councilman Scott Sidlow says he won't resign

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From swinger websites, to pot use to almost non-stop shouting and accusations of a smear campaign, a Delaware County council meeting devolved into chaos over efforts to oust one councilman.

The meeting of Parkside Borough members brought up accusations against Councilman Scott Sidlow, whom some members, led by Council President Shirley Purcival, want booted because of his admitted swinging lifestyle and pot use.

The salacious details came to light Wednesday after Sidlow was given a week to resign, which he refused to do. Purcival said an unnamed resident gave her information about an online profile showing pictures of Sidlow and his wife, in which they “advertised that they would like to spend time with another couple to engage in an intimate sexual relationship that is a combination of swaps and foursomes.”

She said Sidlow advertised that he worked from home and “welcomes mid-day guests who help him take a stress break from his job.”

“Councilman Sidlow’s admission of illegal drug use within his home, where two children also reside, is unconscionable, a serious breach of public trust and a violation of his oath of office as well as the crimes code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Purcival said, referencing Sidlow’s 11 and 14-year-old kids.

A small Delaware County council meeting was heated after the council president attacked another member over accusations of being part of an online swinger website. The accused fired back saying his private life is no one’s business. Hear the heated exchange. Plus, Peeps soda, and Rutgers requiring a coronavirus vaccine to return to campus. This is The Lineup for Friday, March 26, 2021.

Delaware County passed an ordinance last year making possession of small amounts of cannabis a civil violation rather than a criminal one, though the ordinance does not supersede state law, which still bans recreational pot.

But while he admitted that he and his wife are swingers and that he smokes marijuana – likening it to others who drink a beer or a glass of wine after work to unwind – Sidlow forcefully pushed back against the implication that he smokes in front of his kids or, as Purcival accused him of doing, that he distributes the drug.

Delaware County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Margie McAboy said “the matter has been referred to the office for investigation.”

Meanwhile, Sidlow maintains he has not violated his oath.

“I am not embarrassed about being a swinger. I’m not embarrassed about smoking pot. I’m not embarrassed about anything,” Sidlow told Purcival. “You thought you could embarrass me into resignation and you did not. You failed and I am standing up for myself.”

Fellow Council Democrat Anna Guy was Sidlow’s most vocal defender during Wednesday’s meeting, echoing claims of a political hit job coming from Purcival.

“The council president has been working hard to remove councilman Sidlow and me from council and delegitimize us by removing our committees from us,” Guy said. “She has dug up anything she can to spin as negative about us, so she can pressure us to resign.”

After much shouting by various members, the council took a vote on whether Sidlow should resign.

Purcival, Vice President Doug Bull and members Nick Capobianco and Eric Long all voted yes. Members Guy and Perry Sweigart voted no.

Parkside Borough Mayor Thomas Deitman also said he supported ousting Sidlow, but Wednesday’s vote is not final and Sidlow said he won’t resign.

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