Swine Strikes School: Students and Teachers Scared

Close to 200 students stayed home sick or because they don't want to get infected

While Swine flu (or the H1N1 virus) may not get the same headline grabbing attention it once did, rest assured it's still around. In fact, the H1N1 virus or one of its influenza brethren is making its way through schools in our area.

At Hunter Elementary School in Kensington, over 100 students and more than a dozen staff called in sick Tuesday -- either being sick or for fear of getting sick.

Two students are actually infected with the virus and school officials have asked parents to keep their students home if they are showing symptoms.

The number of confirmed swine flu cases might not grow though as the city health department announced Tuesday it would no longer test for specific strains of influenza.

Suburban schools are also having their own sickness crisis. Over 70 students stayed home from Ithan Elementary in Radnor Township, Pa. Monday. Officials said most have flu-like symptoms and made the same plea as the Philly district officials: Stay home if you have symptoms.

Hunter school officials will be holding a meeting for parents Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. and on Thursday at 7 a.m. to answer questions.

Philadelphia announced its first swine flu death on Monday. The virus has claimed two lives in the Keystone State.

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