Toys ‘R' Us Swears Its Dolls Don't Swear

The store says that the baby dolls in question are just talking "baby babble," but one New Jersey grandmother and others hear something quite distinct

Pauline Davis bought some last minute presents for her grandchildren Christmas Eve, but when she brought three talking dolls back to her Oaklyn, N.J. home, she got a rude surprise.

The dolls giggle, coo, and then say something that sounds exactly like, "OK, crazy bitch."

The three dolls called “You and Me Play and Giggle Triplets” are made just for the Toys “R” Us brand, and Toys “R” Us is sticking by its alleged potty-mouthed pixies.

"Obviously we would not sell a doll that uses profanity. What you’re hearing is just baby babble...There are no plans to pull it off the shelves," Toys “R” Us spokeswoman Jennifer Albano told NBC Philadelphia’s Lu Ann Cahn.

But Davis and other people who heard what the doll had to say don’t think it’s “baby babble.”

“There’s no mistake about it. The baby does use the B-word that ends in H,” Davis says.

Davis said that Toys “R” Us apologized to her, but they aren’t taking them off the shelves. NBC Philadelphia’s Lu Ann Cahn found dozens of the triplets on sale at the Cherry Hill Toys “R” Us, all saying the same thing.

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