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Suspects Cleared Home of Drugs Before Reporting 2-Month-Old's Death, Police Say

Police said the man who called 911 waited to do so until after he cleared his apartment of drugs

Cocaine and heroin in bags with stem in background
Cappi Thompson via Getty Images

Two parents and man have been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, as well as drug possession, in the death of a 2-month-old child in Monroe County.

The trio was arrested after police discovered the child dead Thursday in a Barrett Township apartment after one of the accused, 29-year-old Tony Kristiansen, called 911 but only after apparently clearing the apartment of drugs, Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department Chief Chris Wagner said in a press release.

In the apartment was also the child’s mother, 29-year-old Amanda Green of New Castle Delaware, Wagner said. He said Green and Kristiansen told police they didn’t know when the child died and that the baby’s father, 31-year-old New Castle, Delaware, resident Lamont Bacchus, had left the apartment before they found the child.

Police later learned that Kristiansen’s 8-year-old daughter had been in the apartment when the baby died, but she was “removed” before Kristiansen called 911, Wagner said. Detectives determined that there was an hour-and-a-half delay before anyone called to report the deceased baby and that Kristiansen cleared the apartment of drugs before calling.

They also learned that Kristiansen had delivered 10 bags of heroin to Green and Bacchus, Wagner said. When police found Bacchus, he had three bags of heroin on him, the chief added.

Bacchus had also assaulted Kristiansen either earlier in the morning or late the night prior, according to Wagner.

All three were charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal conspiracy. Kristiansen was also charged with possession and delivery of a controlled substance, as well as tampering with evidence. Bacchus was additionally charged with possession of heroin and simple assault.

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