Suspect Surrenders in Chae Murder Case

Five down, one to go. Police now have five of the six suspects in the terror-murder case of a local family.

Karre Pitts turned himself in to Montgomery Township police on Thursday.

He's one of the suspects accused of targeting 58-year old Robert Chae and his family in their North Wales home last month.

Police say money was the motive and the mastermind was Chae's own nephew, 25-year old Angelo Shin.

Chae and his wife were ambushed as they left for work the morning of January 9th.

Chae had a beauty supply business in the city. Police say Shin promised his five co-conspirators they would find $100,000 inside a safe at Chae's home.

Mr. Chae was tied up, beaten and stabbed. His adult children were also tied up. His wife was ordered to open the safe.

Chae was tortured and ultimately died, suffocated by the tape wrapped around his head and face.

In all, police say six suspects are involved in the crimes. Pitts is one of the three suspects accused of carrying out the attack.

Investigators now have all but one suspect in custody. Joseph Page was still on the run Thursday afternoon. The Citizens Crime Commission put up $2,500 for anyone who helps in his capture and conviction. The tip number is: 215-546-TIPS

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