Surveillance Video Used as Evidence in Deadly Boulevard Crash

Accident investigators with the Philadelphia Police Department used surveillance video as evidence to help bring charges against two drivers in this week's deadly accident on the Roosevelt Boulevard.

The video, from a nearby business, shows a car hitting Samara Banks, 28, and her children as they walked across the busy highway late Tuesday night.

We have edited a version of the video that does not show the impact, but does show the moments after the deadly accident, when the same car that hit Banks and her family, also hit a street sign.

Banks and three of her four boys died. They were 7 months old, 23 months old and 4 years old. Her 5-year-son survived with bumps and bruises.

Witnesses told police the car that hit and killed the family appeared to be racing down the Boulevard, through the Feltonville neighborhood. The said the Audi was street racing with another car, a white Honda.

The drivers of both cars were arrested and charged on Wednesday with vehicular homicide and third degree murder.

Police say Khusen Akmedov, 23, was behind the wheel of the Audi and Ahmed Holloman, 30, was driving the Honda.

The video also shows the white Honda stopping almost immediately. The driver gets out and walks over to the scene. Friends of Holloman defended him today, claiming he was not street racing and that he not only stopped at the accident scene, they say he called 911.

A check of court records reveals that Akmedov has a history of speeding violations and is facing trial on federal charges in a Medicare fraud case.

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