FBI Surveillance Gig Ends in Gunfire

It was like a scene from a movie in a quiet section of Northeast Philly Monday, when FBI agents and Philadelphia Police ordered a suspected bank robber to drop the gun he was pointing at them.

The man did not heed the order and was shot and killed, according to FBI officials.

Detectives and the FBI were watching the home of Daniel Trinsey, 48, on the 900 block of Borbeck Street because he was wanted for a bank robbery along Cottman Avenue Friday, according to sources.

Trinsey allegedly came out of the house with a bag, dropped the bag and then grabbed a gun. Police asked him repeatedly to drop the gun and when he pointed the gun at officers, he was shot.

Agents and Philadelphia Police officers fired more than a dozen rounds.

Neighbors were surprised to learn about the showdown. They said they heard commotion, but didn't give it a second thought.

"We went back to the computer, because we figure, this neighborhood's so nice," Stephanie Williames said.

Two other suspects are in custody, according to sources.

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