Supporting Our Schools: What Is It and How Can I Help?


Too often students and teachers are forced to put the brakes on learning because they lack the tools to succeed.

From new technology to something as basic as pencils, there are schools all across our area that lack supplies to provide our children with a quality education.

NBC10 and Telemundo 62 are giving students and teachers the supplies they need to flourish in the classroom. And starting Sept. 6, you can help!

We're launching our Supporting Our Schools campaign.

Click the link below to search for a classroom project to support. You can look for schools in your area, or that are working on projects you care about.

Click here to support a school!

We are proud to partner with Donors Choose in this effort.

During our partnership with Donors Choose, we've funded 65 projects, by 65 teachers in 60 schools, leading to 3,833 student learning experiences.

Supporting our Schools is sponsored by Comcast.

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