Supermarket Drugs for Free

Local supermarkets to offer free generics

Some local supermarket chains are offering a new FREE prescription program.

It's an effort to help out customers during this tough economic time.

36 million Americans did not fill a prescription they needed because they could not afford it in 2007 alone. In 2009, that number is expected to grow as people lose their jobs and health insurance.

Grocery store chains like Wegmans, Shop Rite, Genuardi's and Giant are offering free prescription programs to try and combat this trend.

The program is offered to everyone, with or without insurance, covers up to a 14-day supply of generic antibiotics. There are no limits on the number of prescriptions that can be filled, and it includes both new prescriptions and refills.

The length of the program offered differs with each grocery store, but the program details are all the same.

Customers can save time by dropping off their prescriptions while they shop for groceries.

Click the links below for details from each supermarket chain.

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